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SynSub Anonymous Chat Nodes

Create an anonymous instant chat node with SynSub!

- Each node is assigned a 6-digit public and private key set and can be accessed via the public key URL.

- Share the private key to allow friends or family to join the anonymous node.

- SynSub Nodes apply a single cookie per node, to allow the user a logged in experience, no tracking codes or other cookies are used.

- A unique 6 digit identifier is created for each user, derived from a hashed formula of the user's IP address, this allows distinction between one user and another, without accounts.

- All communications on anonymous nodes are truncated (deleted/wiped) every 24 hours.

- Not-for-profit, pro-free-speech, unmananged and free-of-charge chat nodes.

- Instant communication nodes not monetised and controlled by the corporatocracy.

Mainstream Platforms vs SynSub Nodes

Mainstream PlatformsSynSub Nodes
Requires an account & email?
Harvests your personal data?
Applies tracking codes?
Permits others to your data?
Archives your history?
For-profit business model?
Politically biased platform?